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About Tour Sokoni

Founded just five years ago by a family-oriented visionary, Tour Sokoni has quickly risen to prominence in the world of luxury travel. The conglomerate was born from the passion of a dedicated father who understood the profound impact of shared experiences and the importance of creating cherished memories. Driven by a desire to bring families and friends closer together, Tour Sokoni specialises in crafting bespoke travel experiences that go beyond the ordinary.

At Tour Sokoni, each tour is meticulously designed to cater to the unique interests and desires of their discerning clients. From private safaris in Africa’s most renowned national parks to exclusive cultural tours in Africa’s hidden gems, every journey promises unparalleled luxury and personalised service. The company prides itself on attention to detail, ensuring that every aspect of the trip, from accommodations to activities, is curated to perfection.

What sets Tour Sokoni apart is their unwavering commitment to creating meaningful connections and unforgettable moments. Whether it’s a multi-generational family trip, a romantic getaway, or a solo adventure, the company ensures that every travel experience is infused with a sense of wonder and discovery. Our expert team, drawing from extensive local knowledge and global expertise, is dedicated to making every dream vacation a reality.

With Tour Sokoni, clients don’t just travel—they embark on a journey that touches the heart and soul, leaving them with stories to tell and memories to treasure for a lifetime.

Where are we located?

Our offices are strategically positioned at Plot 122A on Spring Road in Bugoloobi a well-known Kampala suburb whose thoroughfare route connects the city’s central business district with various key landmarks. This prime location places our office within easy reach at a very distinct building known as Krish Mall with the office taking up suites 35-36 on the 2nd floor.

Nooh Romeo Sinan, Co-Founder and C.E.O

Nooh Sinan R was born after the 1986 NRA guerilla war, on the outskirts of an emerging township in Kampala surrounded by a receding tropical savanna grasslands; hosting a wide range of flora and fauna. Growing up, he came up close with a diverse range of the wild side of the tropical-savanna which inadvertently sparked his love for Mother Nature. After graduation, he formed his first company ( Safari Retreats Uganda which later gave birth to Safari Retreats Africa ); this majorly targeted first time Safari adventure enthusiasts in American and European colleges.

As the company clients got bolder and started requesting for finer adventure experiences, this gave birth to Tour Sokoni, a luxury focused Destination Management Company specialising in Eastern and Southern Africa journeys.

Nooh is a registered member of various travel and conservation bodies in the markets the company operates within Africa. He continues to trek the African savannas and highlands interacting with guides, scouting new locations and ensuring that the standards that define Tour Sokoni Journeys on the continent are refined on a continuous basis.Currently, the company is laying foundational B2B relationships within the Middle East, Asia and South America.

Privately, Nooh is an experienced disruption and chaos-management practitioner who has led teams across diverse industries. His expertise spans concept and product design, corporate strategy, marketing, and supply chain management. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial and Organisational Psychology from Makerere University. His interests include volunteering, reading, swimming, jogging, hiking, and cycling.

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